Laundry Room Makeover: Demo

What is that saying about best laid plans? So, last week I talked about our plan to remodel our basement laundry room. Well! We are sticking to the plan to remodel the laundry room BUT we’re also gutting the entire basement and remodeling all 625 sqft.

The original plan was to hire a plumber to modify the plumbing for a laundry sink and move the water heater to sit on the other side of the furnace. That went almost painlessly, until we discovered that water was coming up the new sink drain whenever I did the dishes/run the dishwasher. So we had to have the plumber come back out to snake the drains. While annoying, still pretty standard plumbing job.

After the plumbing was done we had contractors come out to give us a quotes. Again, the original plan was to move the door frame and close in the furnace and water heater. But, while we had the contractors out we asked them to give us an estimate for some of the other things we wanted to do in the basement. We wanted to get an idea of what we could expect cost/work wise.

We still have a ton going on around the rest of the house so we knew we wouldn’t be ready to take on the basement anytime soon if we were going to DIY it. But! The idea of having a brand spanking new laundry room left the rest of the basement screaming for some TLC.

After much consideration and number crunching, we decided to move forward. The contractor we settled on was kind enough to work with us and schedule out the work in several phases so that we could make it work with our budget.

The new laundry basement remodel plan…

  • Gut
  • Reframe
  • Drywall

Between the framing and drywall phases, we’ll have a family friend (an electrician) run all the wiring and install recessed lights throughout.

Then, after the drywall and mudding is done we’ll handle painting and trim work.

We’re still trying to decide what to do about the flooring. Tile isn’t very warm or comfortable so we’re going to cover it with carpet. We’ll definitely be hiring someone to install the carpet.

And just like that, our laundry remodel became a full out basement remodel.

Demo started yesterday. Here are some photos of the rest of the basement and the demolition. Please excuse the mess! If you want to see beforehand photos of the laundry room check out my last post.

See you next week for another update! Hopefully we won’t be expanding the project anymore.




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