Christmas Gifts for Her

Gift Ideas for Her - 2017 Christmas Edition |

Things have been absolutely crazy here! I was in a car accident last month and our (brand new) car was totaled. Thankfully, no one was hurt but getting that all sorted out has put a bit of a damper on our (my) holiday spirit.

In preparation for Christmas shopping (and to give myself a break from insurance paperwork) I decided to put together a quick Christmas gift guide for Monday-Must haves.

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His & Hers Second Anniversary Gift Guide


2nd Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas | His and Hers | Cedar Tree Lane |

With our second wedding anniversary less than a month away, I think an anniversary gift themed Monday Must-Haves is in order.

If you didn’t know this before, each wedding anniversary has a gift theme. For example, the first anniversary gift is supposed to be ‘paper’ (or ‘clocks’) themed. ‘Paper’ is the traditional theme and ‘clocks’ is the modern gift theme. For our first anniversary we didn’t stick to the traditional or the modern. In fact, I went with paper and Brian went with clock. I think it’s fun to use either option depending on which theme best fits your significant other.

The second anniversary themes are ‘cotton’ (traditional) and ‘china’ (modern). If your second anniversary is coming up and you haven’t been able to think of a gift for either theme, I’ve found a couple gift ideas and I’m sharing them below.

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5 Popular Furniture & Decor Items and Where to Find Them

For this weeks Monday Must-Haves, I’m going to help you track down five furniture and decor pieces you’ve no doubt been eying up on Instagram or Pinterest.

If you’re like me, you scroll through Instagram and Pinterest looking for inspiration, hoping to find the perfect piece. And then there it is! The perfect table for your entryway or the perfect display for your Rae Dunn collection. But where can you buy it? Sometimes you get lucky and the source is listed. Sometimes it takes a little more investigating to figure out.

Well! Allow me to assist. Below, I’m sharing inspiration for 5 of Instagram and Pinterest’s most popular furniture and decor items AND providing links to the sources. Welcome to your one stop decor shop!

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Monday Must-Haves: Farmhouse Decor Under $25

Farmhouse Decor Under $25 - Monday Must-Haves - Cedar Tree Lane

Is there anyone out there who isn’t in love with Joanna Gaines’ farmhouse style?

I’ll talk a little bit more about our design aesthetic in our upcoming renovation inspiration post but essentially, we like to mix cream, white, gray, black, wood and greenery. The goal is to create a rustic and warm space that’s still bright and light. In other words, the ever popular “farmhouse” decor fits our style perfectly.

Now, we’re not full out farmhouse. We’re still figuring out how to merge our styles. We also have old pieces that we want to transition out when the budget allows.

In the meantime, we’re getting the look by accessorizing with farmhouse decor that doesn’t break the bank.

For this weeks Monday Must-Haves, I’m sharing a few finds that are all under $25. At that price, you can collect a few over time and slowly transition into farmhouse style on a budget.

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