Monday Must-Haves: Infant & Toddler Edition

Infant & Toddler Must-Haves | 5 Things We Couldn't Live Without |

I want to kick off the Monday-Must Have series with a few of the baby/toddler items we couldn’t/can’t live without. Some of these things we’ve had since we brought M home and still use and other’s we’ve grown out of but would definitely use again.

If you’re looking for a baby shower gift, any one of these would be perfect!

photo credit: Project Nursery

Peanut Changer (Changing Pad) | Keekaroo

We actually bought this before M was born and I honestly can’t imagine diaper changes without it. I know that changing pads are fun to customize and match to nursery decor but my biggest concern was ‘how easily can it be cleaned?’ Sure you can toss a changing pad cover in the washer but wiping the Peanut Changer down is SO much easier!Trust me, you’ll thank me when your little one blows out or pees everywhere in the middle of a diaper change! Keekaroo offers a variety of colors so you can still color coordinate. We have it in ‘vanilla’. It’s held up really well and is apparently VERY comfortable!

Infant Tub | 4Moms

There are a TON of options for infant tubs but let me tell you why we loved this one. First, it fit perfectly in our kitchen sink (at the time we had a double sink and we were still able to use it). Second, it has two sections — a basin to sit/lay the baby in and a smaller clean water reservoir. So baby sits on one side and the water from the faucet falls into the other side. The side with the baby has an overflow drain that keep fresh water flowing in from the clean water reservoir. And finally, it has a temperature gauge that alerts you when the water is too hot or too cold for baby. This took some of the guess work out for us first time parents. Oh! And it came with a little cup for rinsing that we still use.

Cotton Muslin Swaddles | Aden + Anais

I love these! The fabric is light and super soft which makes them perfect for swaddling. M is 19 months so we are well beyond swaddling and still use these everyday. They are very breathable, so they make a great nursing cover or summer blanket. They are pretty big when opened all the way so they also come in handy if you’re out and need to lay something down for baby to sleep or play. During colder months, I would fold one up and tuck it around M in her carseat as an extra layer over the harness. Even folded up it isn’t bulky, so I highly recommend you toss one of these in the bottom of your diaper bag. SO handy…and did I mention soft!?

Diaper Bundle (Subscription) | The Honest Co.

Click on that link and tell me those prints aren’t the cutest thing you’ve ever seen to cover a baby’s butt! I love that they change with the seasons. Even though no one else sees them, I take great care in choosing out the prints every month — mom life! The diaper bundle also comes with wipes. They’re thick/sturdy but still soft AND they’re textured so they don’t just glide over the surface and smear everything around. Too graphic? Even if you love the diapers you’re using, pick up a pack of the Honest Co. wipes the next time you’re at Target and give them a try — you won’t regret it! The ‘Diapers & Wipes Bundle’ comes with six packs of diapers and four packs of wipes.

The diaper portion of the bundle is super customizable. We do five packs of regular diapers and one pack of overnight diapers. If you have a baby AND a toddler you can split across two different sizes or even swap out some of the packs for trainers. It’s a recurring subscription but you can always move up or push out your delivery date as needed. Click here for a free trial (7 diapers, 10 wipes)!

Dohm Natural White Noise Sound Machine | Marpac

M has always been pretty good about sleeping through noise. Even so, we like to use a noise machine for naps and bedtime so we don’t run the risk of disturbing her. There are a TON of noise machine options out there but this one is my favorite because there are no recorded loops. A motorized fan creates a rushing wind sound that’s super soothing without the repetitive, unnatural sounds. Just like that. Sweet and simple!

That’s if for this weeks Monday Must-Haves. Leave a comment below and let me know what you want to see next week!


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