Wall Decor on a Budget

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you know that we’ve been juggling a few projects these last few weeks while we were waiting on our new dining table. Well, the new dining table finally came and I’m in love. I think B loves it too but maybe just isn’t as excited about furniture?

Anyway, with the new dining table in place, the room finally started to come together…in my head. The trick was translating my vision into ACTUAL decor on a budget. The dining room and living room are the first thing you see from the entryway, so I really want the space to bring us a sense of peace and calm — you know, that “home sweet home” feeling — when we walk through the door.

We wanted something impactful for the far wall because it’s the first thing your eyes are drawn to when you walk in — though I think that may have been because it was blank. The heavy black of the hutch really made the wall behind the table noticeably empty. We considered a gallery wall, side-by-side mug racks, or shallow shelving and ultimately decided that all of those options would be too busy and distracting. We wanted something simple (so as not to distract from the vintage chairs and gorgeous table) that would still pack a punch, but not break the bank.

I begged for shiplap and eventually Brian gave in only to realize that the material that fit in our current budget didn’t really give the look we were hoping for. We returned the packages that we hadn’t opened/cut and went back to the drawing board. I was cleaning up the left over “shiplap” scraps when I remembered that we had left over 1 x 2 boards from the window trim and left over plywood from the basement bench seat!

A little elbow grease, some stain I found in the garage, some left over sample paint from M’s new room, and voila! A statement piece for the dining room wall that essentially cost us nothing.

The best part? I don’t have to change it out for seasonal decor or worry about getting tired of it. I can use it as a back drop for seasonal decorations and change it whenever my heart desires to give the space a new feel without spending a ton of money. And, I still kind of get my shiplap!

We’d been so focused on the large projects that I’d forgotten all about do-it-yourself DECOR! And I’d forgotten how much I actually enjoyed projects!

We’ve gotten such great feedback about the sign that we’re currently making some for friends and family to test out packaging and shipping. We’re not going to attempt to ship anything as large as the one we made for our dining room just yet, but if you’re interested in one for your home leave a comment or send me an email/DM. We’d love to make you one! While we’re figuring it all out we’re going to offer them at cost plus shipping…free labor, y’all!

We’ll also be sharing a how-to video next week for those of you that need something bigger but don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for shipping so stay tuned!



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