Our Story

Hi! I am so glad you found our little corner of the world. Let me tell you a little bit about myself, Heidi, the founder and owner of Cedar Tree Lane.

Well, it all started around 2018 when I was a young mom with 2 little girlies. I found myself in the throes of Motherhood; loving it, but feeling like I was losing myself.

So, I decided to do something for myself - something totally new and unexpected. 

I decided to open my own online store.

I know, scary right?!

It was, but not in the way you would expect. 

My orignal store, Eclair & Co., was founded in Oct of 2018 as a Women's Clothing Boutique. It was fun at first, but after a while, I realized my heart wasn't in it. So, a couple of years later, I decided to rebrand Eclair & Co. as a children's boutique line.

Rebranding was scary, but I did it! And it was so much fun! Why is it that Children's clothing is so stinking cute? And as Mom's, why we are so much more willing to dress our kid's in the latest fashion trends than ourselves?

Well, as my girls grew, and we added another sweet girly to our family, I came to realize, yet again, that clothing wasn't what I truly wanted to do. But the problem was I didn't know what I wanted Eclair & Co. to become next. 

Well, it took a little bit, and I finally decided on jewelry. Jewelry would be the one to stick, right? 

Nope, Jewelry didn't stick.

What was it that I could give to people, what service could I provide, that I would bring meaning to my store?

Well, after about 1 year of searching, after listening to a podcast while jogging through beautiful Moab over my Thanksgiving weekend, that I realized what it is I want to do. The idea came so clear, that there was no way I could deny it.

I wanted to design and produce large coloring pages!

My whole life, creating tangible items has brought my so much joy. I LOVE creating. And when I finally came home with my first Big Coloring Page, I wish I could show you the way my little girls eyes lit up when I told them that they could color the page. 

A page that was as big as them!

And you know what? They were thrilled!

And they are still thrilled every single time I show them a new creation. 

So, here we are. 

Cedar Tree Lane is that new store, and it is such a beautiful thing to witness, as my dreams have come full circle, almost 1 year later after having that crystal clear idea to create coloring pages.

While here, we hope our products can spark joy to whoever receives them!

Don't you dare think for a minute that coloring pages are for children only!

The beauty about our coloring pages is their sheer size. Put it on the kitchen table, and gather around. There is room and graphics galore for multiple people to color at once.

Gather the neighborhood, the siblings, and the grandparents. 

Everyone will have a blast as they color and create together.

Our 2 favorite things.

Thank you for being here! It means the world to us.

XOXO - Heidi